Company formation and maintenance worldwide, bank account opening, blockchain legal, trademarks and patents registration

The company Law&Trust International works in all branches of law in the Russian and international markets and offers a wide range of services in the field of business registration and legal support for business, accounting and audit, certification, real estate registration and miscellaneous spheres.
Law&Trust International has been successfully operating in the financial and legal services market since 2003 and is a leading company in its industry regarding the quality of services and the client service culture, acting as reliable and professional partner in relation to its clients. Our company undertakes to deal with your data and with other sensitive information, observing the highest level of guaranteed confidentiality.
We carry out registration of companies, funds, trusts and holdings in countries offering favorable tax conditions and reporting systems. Based on the requirements of your business, we can promptly select offshore, European, Asian or any other company, open bank account, offer accounting maintenance or legal support, implement security technologies for data transfer within the company and provide a lot of other services.
In addition, we provide services for tax planning and optimization, protection of capital from illegal interference by third parties, including the state. Specialists of our company are always ready to advise on various issues of tax planning, select offshore jurisdiction, and provide assistance in all matters of interest to you in the framework of activities of our company.
We establish and maintain Holdings, Trusts, Funds for any needs and tasks on a turn-key basis. We render services for provision of a virtual office with direct telephone number and a legal address anywhere in the world.
We have extensive experience in opening merchant accounts and merchant acquiring. We can render services for registration of aircraft and vessels, as well as trademarks. We can also represent your interests in court.